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If any employees and also the customer is looking for particular help on a product? Contact us by giving a message to TurboTax or QuickBooks specialized support. You can also talk with our Mint assistance team.

Did anyone receive a suspect email? Go to our “Report suspected spoofing/phishing email” form and submit the distrusted spoofing email. Our team will guide you on the next suggested steps at Paycheckrecords.

You can present us with your phone number as part of the registration or customer record or otherwise. Every employee and individual must understand and agree that Intuit may use your phone number for “multi-factor authentication” to establish verification of identity and protect the security of your account.

A sole part of the MFA identity confirmation process at Paycheckrecords Login may incorporate sending text communications with security codes to registered phone numbers. You agree to receive such Intuit texts including security codes as a character code of the MFA process.

Intuitive phone support: 1-800-446-8848

In addition, individuals must agree that Intuit sends automated text messages and registered voicemail communications to the telephone number provided for other limited plans, including providing critical data about the use of the services.

Intuit may offer other services at, goods, or advertisements. All the general conditions and additional charges may utilize as per the norms. Some Intuit services allow employees to download or enter data about the accounts, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, along with the purchases at Paycheckrecords Login.

The account holders authorize Intuit to use relevant data about your business and experience to help us provide Intuit services and increase services. You approve Intuit to consolidate your business erudition, if any, with that of others in a way that does not personally identify.

On the same side at, employees also authorize the Intuit to share or advertise summary results related to analysis data and to distribute or license such data to other organizations.