Paycheckrecords must be kept for at least three years, according to the EEOC norms. Employees generally ask to pay the stubs for various reasons. Managing paycheck records using personal software Paycheckrecords Login can eliminate troubles and help stakeholder access when required.

Paycheckrecords Login is a website where your entrepreneurs and operators can view your test stubs online. More data can grant access to payroll reports by adding the employee to the full Intuit service or to a later payment.

  • Click on the Employees tab at
  • Click on the operator’s name.
  • Access to the pay records section.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’.
  • Select View salary receiving online.
  • Enter the employee’s email address.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • The and Intuit Full Service Payroll credentials are linked to one another.
  • If the employee is already set up at the Paycheckrecords account as a secondary user, skip the next step.

Ask the employee to log in to with the same credentials used for their Intuit payment account at the portal login. Send mail to the window, click Send Email if you want to send the employee a temporary user ID and password.

The worker will initiate an email with the temporary user ID and password, as well as guidance on how to log in to Paycheckrecords and create a new unique user ID and password immediately.

Once the employee or the contractor has an entrance to a pay stub, they can view all supported paychecks at The employee or contractor can transform the punctuation in the report to show different pay ranges.

When an organization uses group administration software, an employee’s salary documents begin the first time they write a wage for that agent. In most arrangements, the time and support tracking characteristic automatically sends data to the payment system.