Employee Agreement

The Employee agreement at the Paycheckrecords portal describes the terms of use for Intuit’s online services given to you on this website Paycheckrecords.com, including content, updates, and new versions. Also, it contains by reference the sections to upload the regulatory tasks.

With the Intuit’s data protection statement, you receive services accessible on the website or otherwise prepared. Additional terms and conditions, including those of third parties, are also listed at the Paycheckrecords Login site.

All the forms that are made available to the employees individually for the services, including the conditions of the product or catalog, orders, activation, payment terms. The services are guarded by copyright, trade codes, and other laws that protect an intellectual section.

Every employee is only authorized to use the online services and only for the purposes described by Intuit thus, to update with the task. Intuit reserves all other rights to the Services.

However, until the termination of this agreement provided that you respect the applicable payment obligations and abide by this agreement, the official Intuit grants you a personal, restricted, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license and right to use the Paycheckrecords Login portal.

As a permanent employee, they must agree not to use the services or content in any way or to allow third parties to violate any appropriate law, ordinance, or agreement. The following terms apply to services offered for payment or agreement unless Intuit or its external affiliate notifies employees in writing.

The Payments will be allotted in US dollars and the respective employee account will be charged if you sign and provide the payment information.
Employees must pay with one of the following options:

  • A valid Intuit admitted credit card.
  • A valid debit card affirmed by Intuit.
  • Satisfactory credit in a checking or savings accounts to meet an electronic account of the payment due.